Securing Clinical Networks


Daybreak on better tools

You deserve better than tools that don't help your clinical & IT teams work together.

With BlueFlow, you gain peace of mind with:

  • Insight into the whole clinical fleet
  • Targeted security information without noise
  • Safer security best practices
  • 10x faster inventory

Leverage your existing investments. BlueFlow integrates with:

  • Every major CMMS & work order system
  • Every major vulnerability scanner
  • Every major SIEM
  • ... and the best open-source tools.
BlueFlow screenshot

We're All About Healthcare

Video courtesy of AAMI based on Virta Labs Chief Scientist Kevin Fu's keynote at AAMI 2017.


August 2017 Virta Labs on AAMI's front page? You bet! AAMI homepage
June 2017 Virta Labs at NCHICA S&P 2017: Medical Device Security as an Inventory Problem
May 2017 Preprint: Cybersecurity and medical devices: A Practical guide for cardiac electrophysiologists
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