Know Your Assets


Daybreak on better tools

Identify, assess, patch, and track clinical assets.

Your team can finally do it with BlueFlow.

BlueFlow is a software suite that helps human beings streamline inventory, identification, security assessment, patching, and threat monitoring.

  • Full context and history for every asset
  • Cross-team sharing for clinical engineering & IT
  • Threat feed that focuses on your assets
  • Modern, well-designed tools that people actually want to use

Leverage your existing investments. BlueFlow integrates with:

  • Every major CMMS & work order system
  • Every major vulnerability scanner
  • Every major SIEM
  • Network flow monitors
  • ... and the best open-source tools to help you understand what your assets are, what they're doing, and what you can do to make sure they're up to date.
BlueFlow screenshot

We're All About Healthcare

Ben Ransford, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & CEO
“We started Virta Labs because we were tired of security vendors treating healthcare customers like second-class citizens without solving the real problems that made their jobs so challenging. It may sound simple, but our main selling point is that we listen.
“Admiring the problem won't make it go away. We stake our reputation on our ability to design real solutions that actually make people better at their jobs.

Kevin Fu, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Video courtesy of AAMI based on Virta Labs Chief Scientist Kevin Fu's keynote at AAMI 2017.


October 2018 Coming soon: more ways to buy and use BlueFlow through your existing vendors. Watch this space!
May 2018 Visit us in Long Beach next month at AAMI booth 349!
February 2018 New white paper for HDOs on Medical device security ROI.
December 2017 Meet us at the Medical Device Security 101 conference in January!
June 2017 Cofounder Kevin Fu keynotes on medical device security at AAMI 2017.
May 2017 New peer-reviewed publication: Cybersecurity and medical devices: A Practical guide for cardiac electrophysiologists
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