BlueFlow continuously monitors your entire population of assets and helps you understand when and how to take action.

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1. Inventory

BlueFlow connects to every major CMMS, network tool, and vulnerability scanner to correlate asset information across CE and IT teams.

2. Assess

BlueFlow lets you build security workflows on your own terms—no more crossing fingers while security tools wreak havoc. Our integration and unique plugins give you insights that no other tool offers.

3. Monitor

BlueFlow is embedded in your environment and sees assets come and go. The BlueFlow Pulse™ threat feed means you never miss an important event.

Core Features

  • Customizable risk assessments
  • Targeted threat feed
  • Integration with your CMMS
  • Safer vulnerability scanning
  • Detailed reporting to track assessment, risk, and controls
  • Real-time network flow monitoring

With BlueFlow you can...

  • “Let me adjust my risk scoring according to my organization's own criteria and capabilities.”
  • “Show me which remediations will have the greatest effect on my overall risk exposure.”
  • “Scan all of my infusion pumps for vulnerabilities every Tuesday night.”
  • “Show me every clinical device with ePHI that hasn't been vulnerability scanned in the last 90 days.”
  • ... and more
BlueFlow screenshot

BlueFlow Pulse™

More relevance, no noise.

“Are we affected?” No more frantic mystery solving. Let our industry experts filter the world's medical device threat information. When events occur, BlueFlow Pulse automatically finds affected devices in your population of devices.

BlueFlow Collect™

10× faster than the old way.

In cybersecurity, accurate inventory is step zero. BlueFlow Collect makes inventory assessment a snap, without depending on mysterious algorithms that require weeks of training.

BlueFlow inventory on iPad
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